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  1. Prepare the engine
  2. Check engine oil level (oil level must be within the permitted range of oil gauge) and oil quality. Oil suitable for use conditions in Vietnam should be 15W40 or 20W / 50.
  3. Check engine coolant, if it is lacking, add it immediately (the cooling water level is allowed within the Min-Max line of the auxiliary water tank) for JAC the water tank located behind the cabin is easy to check, When supplementing, use clean water, use additional cooling solution.
  4. Check the diesel oil level, avoid air oil condition adversely affecting hand pump and the entire fuel system. Choosing to use high quality diesel oil, do not mix water in diesel oil will cause serious damage to high pressure pumps and injectors.
  5. Does the steam system test have enough pressure? Does oil, gear oil, lubricant oil leak or not? If there is a phenomenon of leakage should be corrected immediately.
  6. Check the intake meter, cycle indicator, water temperature, oil pressure ... all kinds of ABS sensors (if any), air filter switch, warning warning, danger, ensure electrical equipment, Indicator light in normal operating condition.
  7. Start the engine
  8. At start-up, place the manual gear at N (mo).
  9. When the ambient temperature is low and the heater needs to be heated, the diesel oil is too cold to start.
  10. When starting the engine absolutely do not step on the accelerator pedal, leave the engine running in Garanty mode or low speed at no load for 3-5 minutes before accelerating.
  11. Each time to start the engine, if the engine does not start, pay attention not to exceed 10 seconds, the distance between two starts at least 1 minute, if starting more than 3 consecutive times, the engine does not explode, then check the original. then process and then reboot.
  12. Observe the parameters on the dashboard, the indicators to immediately detect problems (if any).

III. Motor operation

  1. The appropriate coolant temperature is in the range of 60-90oC, operate the car from the number 1 and increase the number in order, when accelerating, you must step on the gas pedal steadily, not throttle and jerky.
  2. Engine oil pressure in proper garanty state is 0.2 ~ 0.6 Mpa. When the oil pressure indicator light is too low, the water cools, there is an abnormal noise or any unintended phenomenon, immediately stop the vehicle for inspection and repair. If the vehicle is in serious trouble, it must be used in an ambulance, not operated while the engine is still in trouble.
  3. Turn off the phone
  4. When the engine needs to be turned off to garanty mode 3-5 minutes and then turn off the machine, do not turn off the machine suddenly at high speed rotation.
  5. After stopping the machine to conduct inspections, handle problems that have occurred during operation.

Other important inspections

  1. Observe the entire exterior and interior of the vehicle to promptly detect damage to the cockpit, trunk, windshield, rearview mirror, number plate, glass lifter, up and down doors, engine, frame. , tweezers, tires and tire pressure, lifting mechanisms (if any) and trailer towing equipment, etc.
  2. Check the electrical system: battery, the accuracy of the watches, indicator lights on the dashboard, signal lights, headlights, reinforced, brake lights, horns, wipers, glass washing mechanism ...
  3. Checking the steering system: Free-running of the steering wheel, the working status of the power steering, the steering level of the steering gear
  4. Check the brakes: The free travel of the brake pedal, the working status and tightness of the brake system (air lines, brake bowls) adjust the brakes if it is unsafe.
  5. Check the stability of engines, assemblies, components and other systems (fuel supply, lubrication, cooling, main transmission, ben lifting systems, etc.).
  6. Check the air tank if there is water, then flush all the water, check the fuel tank, discharge residue, water in the fuel filter bulb ....

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