Jac truck is durable with time


Always known as one of the top quality trucks in Vietnam today, so Jac trucks are crowded by transport companies, drivers are the means of transportation and transportation. Jac truck is supplied and distributed by Vietnam Truck Joint Stock Company - Vtruck, ensuring high quality, genuine imported from China, providing users with Vietnam's top truck, quality amount of endurance challenges with time.

Jac truck is imported and assembled by Vietnam Truck JSC at Yen Nghia, Ha Dong. Raw materials imported directly from JAC China factory - considered as China's No. 1 truck line, manufactured on modern technology lines, under the close supervision of leading specialists in and abroad in the field of assembling automobile vehicles.

Despite being in operation for only 2 years, Vtruck - Vietnam Truck Joint Stock Company has a strong foothold in the market, is known by a large number of customers and is one of the attractive names. lead a lot of drivers. Jac trucks are all designed with high-class and luxurious appearance, showing their strength and power.

Not only stopping at supplying and importing the whole Jac truck, Vtruck also supports customers with warranty service, maintenance, refurbishment, repair of automobiles, vehicles and transport equipment. load, import, export and fully consume various components, provide construction services for modern transport works with high quality and most competitive prices on the market.

With the motto and purpose of operation, Vtruck's Jac truck always provides quality and service to the forefront, strictly complying with domestic and international standards to maintain its title and trust with its rivals. its partners and customers, maintaining a firm position in the market. Since its establishment, Vtruck's Jac truck consumption has been constantly increasing, producing many new products to meet the needs of customers, the main slogan is to serve the market. global market, bringing the most practical benefits to our customers.

Vtruck places wings for the safety of each road, providing the most advanced and modern vehicles.

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