Car imports increased sharply in the first three months of 2017


The volume of imported cars in the second half of March 2017 has more than doubled compared to the previous time while the average declared price has plummeted to about VND 193 million / unit.

According to the latest report of the General Department of Customs (Ministry of Finance), in the first half of March 2017, the number of imported cars was more than 6,300 units, higher than the same period last year more than 2,500 cars including cars (less than 9 seats). sit back down) reach more than 4,800 vehicles.

However, it is worth noting that although the volume of cars returned to the country increased sharply, the total import turnover was only over 72 million USD, of which cars were more than 41 million USD. On average, the price of imported cars (excluding import tax, Special Consumption Tax, Value Added Tax ...) is at VND 259 million / unit, down VND 150 million compared to the previous months in which small cars have The average declared price is only VND 193 million / unit.

By the end of March 15, more than 21,700 CBU cars were brought back to the country, including 14,400 cars (accounting for over 66% of the total import volume). The average price of customs declaration is nearly 400 million VND / car but the average price of a car is just over 315 million VND / car.

Compared to the same period in February 2017, the volume of imported complete cars also increased sharply - more than 1,600 units and the price plummeted from an average of 410 million VND / unit to 259 million VND / unit in which the number of cars doubled and the price car decreased 128 million / unit.

This partly shows the movement of the imported car market when the number of affordable cars increases sharply. At present, car prices in the market have not changed much, but the popular price of cars will also be pressure on domestic car manufacturers and the price level will be more or less likely to be adjusted in the near future. next time.

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