Truck Jac the companion on all roads


Vietnam Truck Joint Stock Company would like to introduce to you our new truck product line named Jac truck. This is a truck manufactured by Jac Motor factory on the most modern and advanced Japanese production line, imported and localized in Vietnam. Jac truck is in the affordable segment suitable for consumers' pocket but still ensures the top quality, worthy of a reliable companion on all roads.

Jac truck series is designed with luxurious but no less certainly bearing the characteristics of the Japanese automobile industry that is quality, sophistication in every detail combined with modern and internal technology. So luxurious. Jac trucks are manufactured on the basis of heavy engineering of Daimerchrysler and Hyundai with imported engines of quality, durability and many outstanding new features. Jac truck line is gaining the trust of numerous drivers to serve the needs of transporting goods, materials ...

The highlight of Jac truck is that the square head design brings a strong feeling, the rearview mirror adds front and back visibility for a wider view. Lights are designed to increase brightness in foggy weather conditions or roads that are hidden from view. Besides, fuel consumption of Jac truck is only 8 liters / 100 km, helping drivers save maximum costs, especially in the time of increasing gasoline prices today. In order to serve the maximum needs of customers, Jac truck is designed to ensure that the wider trunk has been approved by the Registry Department to serve the customer's transport needs.

Not only providing outstanding performance and great driving experience, Jac trucks are also equipped with extremely safe braking system, which makes it easy for drivers to handle emergencies. level on the road. In addition, the shock absorber system of Jac truck is also extremely well invested to help the vehicle operate on different roads, especially with mountainous terrain like in Vietnam, jac trucks. bring a sense of smoothness, the feeling of a very good car running in line with the cargo job. Currently, Jac trucks are divided into two main lines: traditional trucks - Jac's long-lasting trucks are improved and Jac high-class trucks are manufactured on the new technology of Jac Motor.

Vietnam Truck Joint Stock Company is proud to be the official agent of Jac truck line. Currently the company is supplying products: Jac 10 x 4 trucks; Jac 4 × 2 truck, Jac 8 × 4 truck has many options for customers. Besides excellent quality, we are committed to the minimum cost and the attractive insurance policy.

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