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Due to the increasing demand of the society as well as the safety issues in the home, the rescue vehicles are now a safe and reliable solution. Currently on the market there are many units as well as quality, reliable rescue vehicles. However, Jac rescue vehicles are still slightly better than other brands. The secret lies in quality, safety as well as perfectly furnished and durable furniture which is the first choice of customers near and far. Currently, if you are wondering where to choose to buy JAC rescue vehicles safely, reliably can choose

JAC rescue vehicles are high-class and quality vehicles of the JAC brand. Although only appearing in Vietnam about 10 years ago, this product has won the trust of many customers. The advantage of JAC trucks comes from the robust design. The rounded square car head has a strong sense of elegance and sophistication. Besides, the main color of white-orange orange is the trendy, beautiful and luxurious color tone that makes any look will be fascinated. Along with that, the car is designed with the optimal task of serving the needs of rescue and rescue with a durable and durable chassis. Large trunks can carry large vehicles such as pickups. The system of tires, cranes, strong walls helps the car can run on many different terrains, especially mountainous terrain.

JAC rescue vehicle is equipped with a powerful headlight system, large capacity works well in foggy conditions, wet. Besides, the interior of this car is also extremely beautiful with large cabin and comfort. The luxurious interior provided by the manufacturer Hyundai will bring great experiences, helping the driver from getting tired on long trips and long distances.

JAC rescue vehicles are currently being distributed on vtruck's dealer system. VN. Products with a strong design, luxurious and sophisticated colors and colors are the first choice of many customers as well as rescue centers. Besides JAC rescue vehicles, Vtruck is also proud to be the exclusive supplier of trucks, rescue vehicles, dump trucks JAC ... with top quality with affordable prices, warranty, close maintenance Wing with you on every road.

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