Tank truck Jac 10 x 4 with you conquer each kilometer


The current of Jac truck is not too strange for the driver brothers thanks to the outstanding advantages of this product line. Firstly, it is necessary to talk about the design of the bunker chassis, which is definitely optimized for transportation and rescue missions ... in many terrain conditions and severe weather. The body design is spacious and has been tested for absolute safety for heavy cargo loads. In addition, the powerful and powerful engine with very little fuel consumption will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Jac truck model is a popular product in Vietnam market. The proof is that this series of products has continuously received great awards in the automotive industry such as:

ISO 9001 certificate for quality management system
ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management system
Certified international training management system 10,015
Integrating OHSAS and occupational safety management systems
To be as successful as today, Jac truck has been constantly improved and produced quality cars and products. Jac truck line is highly appreciated for its durability, reliability and high capacity, good performance while ensuring very little fuel consumption. Besides, the front of the car is designed in the form of a canoe creating a strong and strong feeling. Spacious trunk size, strong performance with very little fuel consumption of only 8 liters / 100km. In addition, the improved Jac models are equipped with eye-catching lights designed to increase brightness, rear-view mirrors to expand the wider and wider rear view. It can be said that thanks to the advantages of Jac truck line, it is very suitable for terrain and climate conditions like in Vietnam to meet the requirements in jobs such as cargo transport, rescue, rescue ...

Jac 10 x 4 dump truck is a popular product of Jac truck line. The truck is equipped with motor WP10.340E32. Man Bridge 459. Gearbox: 12JSD160T / 12JSD180T. Vehicle body sizes up to: 9420x2400x870 / 2150 mm. In addition to the pit design of the Jac 10 × 4 truck, it is also equipped with luxurious furniture of Huyndai, Gallop Cabin with beds, air conditioners ... to bring the best experience to customers in a single product. world top.

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