On April 22-24, 2016, the Leadership Board of Vietnam Truck JSC attended the Meeting to meet with JAC international agents in 2018 in Dalian City - China.

The conference was organized by JAC with the purpose of enhancing learning exchange, comprehensive cooperation, promoting development and cooperation with international partners. At the same time, to introduce JAC's business achievements and international development strategies. Introducing new vehicles to the market and honoring the best international dealers of JAC in 2017.

Mr. Hoang Dinh Truong - Directorate of Vietnam Automobile Truck Joint Stock Company received the award

Award image

During the ceremony, JAC highly appreciated VTRUCK's product development and branding efforts in Vietnam. With only 2 years of cooperation with JAC, VTRUCK has been recognized as one of the best distributors of JAC MOTORS with the award of "Excellent Brand Development" in 2016 and the "Product Development" award. Excellent ”in 2017. This affirms VTRUCK always tries its best for partners and especially dedicated, dedicated to customers through collaboration with manufacturers: researching and developing quality products. , safe, effective, consistent with the tastes, specific needs of the Vietnamese market.

In 2017, VTRUCK imported and introduced to Vietnamese consumers a series of new medium-sized, heavy-duty JAC cabins K5 cabin with outstanding quality and designs to help customers own vehicles. Download Class - Safe - Effective; received by customers, highly appreciated both in terms of products and after-sales service.

The car line of JAC - VTRUCK

For VTRUCK, besides the recognition of the Manufacturer, the positive reception and feedback from customers will be a great motivation to promote the spirit of work, service and meet all customer needs. About car products, spare parts, maintenance and repair services 24/7 nationwide.

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