Concrete mixer truck - a companion with the construction works


The process of industrialization and urbanization is growing, which means more and more modern buildings are built. If the task of mixing concrete before was entirely dependent on human power, it took a lot of effort, now there is a type of equipment and facilities that have made it much easier and faster - that is Concrete mixer truck. With the advantages such as saving time, saving costs, JAC concrete mixer truck is selected by many contractors. The following article we will give you some basic information about JAC concrete mixer truck - a friend of the construction works.

On the market there are many types of concrete mixer trucks of different brands but JAC is considered as a brand that brings quality products, durable over time. The brand of concrete mixer trucks of this brand are designed to be strong and powerful, a vehicle that is trusted by many construction units in the country and internationally.

To choose the right kind of concrete mixer truck, you need to base on the size of the project you plan to start construction. If the building is large, you should choose large capacity vehicles from 12 to 16 m3. This car is 100% imported from abroad, so customers can be assured of the product quality. The outstanding advantage of JAC concrete mixer truck line is that it ensures the safety for users, and also saves significant fuel. The work efficiency of this product line is dozens or even hundreds of times higher than that of traditional human power.

Components of concrete mixer truck are strictly tested, strict in quality, so in the use process, the product will not be prone to errors or breakdowns, the machine operates well, brings high efficiency. , accelerate construction progress.

The concrete mixer truck line also conquers customers and contractors by the interior of the car in harmony and intelligence. The interior of the car is neatly designed, has all the necessary features to bring maximum comfort to the user. The cockpit is relatively large, the steering wheel is simple, easy to use, has air conditioning, a soft seat ...

Currently Vtruck is a company distributing JAC concrete mixer truck series with quality, reasonable price, guaranteed warranty.

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