Concrete mixer truck - the product of a new technology era


As one of the indispensable models of construction works, Jac concrete mixer truck contributes to reducing human labor load and improving economic efficiency.

Concrete mixer trucks are specialized vehicles and are often present at the construction site, whose main function is to mix sand, gravel, cement into a concrete mixture to be used for pouring foundations, making palm shafts or house floor works.

You can choose between 10-m3, 12-m3 or 16-m3 concrete mixers, depending on your workload. Currently, most of construction contractors are equipped with concrete mixers because of good quality, challenging all the harsh elements of the weather and time, especially extremely reasonable prices, which are very popular. trust.

Not only that, the concrete mixer truck has an impressive and beautiful exterior. Logo design of the famous Jac Group, the front cabin is lifted by hydraulic system extremely convenient. The car lights are well lit, helping drivers of concrete mixing vehicles can easily work in dark conditions in a better way. Thanks to the lighting system, the projection range is longer, this also helps you to easily repair and replace.

Windshield is also one of the plus points of the Jac concrete mixing vehicle exterior system. With two layers of extremely strong magnetic glass, the ability to prevent ultraviolet rays of the sun better, while helping to prevent very good anti-glare, ensuring visibility for drivers to execute faster and more accurately.

Besides, the hydraulic system of concrete mixer truck is also paid special attention by the investors. Jac brand hydraulic pump system, Chinese brand Jac motor, coolers and reducers are all high quality and guaranteed components from famous manufacturers around the world.

The most special is the concrete mixer truck engine system of international standard, strong, durable, able to operate throughout the day without showing signs of degradation or damage. It is the power of the engine that helps the vehicle to save much more fuel.

Vtruck is proud to be one of the leading reputable companies in Vietnam distributing Jac cars and Jac concrete mixer trucks.

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