Launching the emulation phase to complete the schedule and quality of the Viet Tri - Ba Vi Bridge BOT Project


This is the directing opinion of Deputy Minister Nguyen Hong Truong at the meeting to review the progress of implementing the Viet Tri - Ba Vi Bridge Construction Investment Project this morning (November 4). Attending the meeting were representatives of Departments of Construction Management and Quality of Transportation Works, Thang Long Project Management Board, Phu My Group Joint Stock Company and BOT Phu Ha Co., Ltd.

At the meeting, project enterprise representative of BOT Phu Ha Co., Ltd. reported on the implementation of Viet Tri - Ba Vi bridge construction project connecting Highway 32 with Highway 32C in the form of Hop BOT. Accordingly, the project has a total length of about 9.5 km, of which the bridge section is 1,557 km long, the path section is 7.8 km long. The total length of the bridge up to 2 abutments is 1557m, the leading road is plain delta level III, the design speed is 80km / h. The total investment of the project is VND 1,462,851 million in the form of Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT). The project was implemented from August 1, 2016, the implementation schedule is 18 months (completed in the first quarter of 2018) with the payback period of 21 years and 1 month.

Regarding the implementation situation, the work of issuing investment certificates, signing project contracts, legal procedures are basically completed. Survey, design of BVTC, implementation cost estimates after the basic design: The Bridge has been appraised by the Department of Construction, Construction and Traffic Safety Management, BOT Phu Ha Co., Ltd has approved the TKBTCTC. The road section has also been appraised for the construction design, the project enterprise is directing to complete the dossier to approve the technical design. The operator and toll collection are being designed and implemented by consultants. The work of estimating work construction cost is currently verifying construction and installation bidding packages before being submitted to the Department of Construction Management and Traffic Safety and Evaluation.

Regarding compensation work, land clearance, Hanoi People's Committee has approved the red line boundary, there is an order to place landmarks, is in process of taking ownership of Ba Vi Party, informing people of the policy and plan before checking. Official count. Ba Vi District People's Committee has established a Council of compensation, support and resettlement to implement site clearance. The Viet Tri side has completed the work of setting the land clearance landmark, extracting cadastral measurement and handing over the ground to the unit for construction.

As of October 25, 2016, the project has disbursed 149,429 million dong, of which the disbursement for construction is 144,271 million dong.

Currently, the project still has some problems about site clearance in packages of XL01, XL02, XL03. Phu Ha BOT Co., Ltd. is working closely with departments, boards and branches of Ba Vi District People's Committee in Hanoi to accelerate progress. In addition, the Company's leaders also asked the Deputy Minister to remove some shortcomings regarding the construction schedule and quality. Phu Ha BOT Co., Ltd also asked related agencies and local people to work together to facilitate the site clearance to be completed, facilitate the process of construction, complete the project on schedule. out

A representative of BOT Phu Ha Co., Ltd. reported on the implementation of the Project

After joining representatives of Departments, Departments in exchanging and discussing outstanding issues during the process of project implementation, concluding the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Hong Truong affirmed that the Investor and enterprises attended the last time. The project has made special efforts in raising equity, completing the project preparation stages. However, due to many subjective and objective factors, the construction at the field is still relatively slow, not reaching the set progress.

Deputy Minister proposed Thang Long PMU to coordinate with investors to work continuously with localities, complete the clearance work in 2016; request Thang Long PMU, the investor needs to work with the Department of Transport of Phu Tho to relocate the wharf to an appropriate position downstream, to ensure safe travel and convenience for the construction process. Regarding the navigation channel for ships moving on the construction area, the Deputy Minister suggested that the Investor, the construction unit need to work with the waterway regulatory authority here to have a reasonable plan.

Deputy Minister asked the units to quickly complete the relevant legal procedures to ensure compliance with the provisions of the state. At the same time, it is recommended that the PMU, after approving the cost estimate, needs to review the total investment of the project and make appropriate adjustments; Rebuilding the overall progress to complete the project, put into operation in the first quarter of 2018.

The Deputy Minister specifically requested the investor to develop a traffic safety plan so as not to cause even the smallest accident, ensure absolute traffic safety, open training courses on occupational safety, monthly fire safety. During the construction process, the PMU, the investor need to have close coordination with localities and people so that the project can be constructed smoothly.

The Deputy Minister suggested Thang Long PMU, the investor, the project enterprise continue to launch a new, more vibrant and stronger construction phase to ensure the project is completed on schedule with the best quality./.


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