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Construction works are on the rise, so industrial machines must be constantly improved with the aim of helping investors save construction time and manpower costs. Jac brand concrete mixer truck is trusted and selected by many investors for its super-durable and high-quality qualities. We will together learn more details about the outstanding advantages as well as the outstanding features that this product has brought to the construction industry.

JAC is a major brand, specializing in the manufacture and supply of high quality trucks and healthy designs on the market. JAC concrete mixer truck is one of the familiar vehicles on the construction units of Vietnam in particular and many other countries in the world.

Concrete mixer trucks are designed differently from the type of vans or tractors, the product is imported CBU directly from China to Vietnam, is a lot of construction projects and the contractor. The car is very trusted and preferred because it uses the maximum savings of fuel consumption, ensures safety for human health and the environment, and saves energy in the best way. Working speed and efficiency that concrete mixer truck brings is much higher than mixing concrete by conventional conventional methods.

Most hydraulic motor components and hydraulic application kits of concrete mixer trucks are imported directly from famous brands, manufactured on modern and high-class production lines, all of which are strictly tested. strict standards of quality, helping speed and performance of concrete mixer truck operate at the highest level.

The interior of the concrete mixing vehicle is also one of the factors that quickly conquers a lot of users: the size and weight of the vehicle are designed to be extremely convenient, comfortable for the driver to control the vehicle, ensuring Does not cause any tired feeling. Large cockpit space, a smartly nodding steering wheel design, air seats and summer cooling operating on a large capacity, JAC concrete mixer truck can completely operate and operate on the distance. long.

The most reasonable price for a concrete mixer truck when you order at Vtruck, in line with the budget details of many contractors.

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