The use of concrete mixer truck


At constructions and production units, constructing apartment buildings, houses, concrete and cement are a very important part of the material, it seems indispensable to be able to complete the works. . Compared with traditional mixing methods, which are expensive and labor-intensive, the productivity is longer, so using concrete mixer truck is considered a smart solution and is an option. far more ideal.

Vtruck concrete mixer truck is always known as the ideal choice for each unit, our address and our customers. Concrete mixer truck is a truck that is frequently used in road and irrigation works. The invention and creation of concrete mixer can be said to be an important turning point in the construction industry in Vietnam. .

Currently, on the market there are many different types of concrete mixing vehicles, the volume and configuration, the purpose of use is sometimes not the same. Choosing Vtruck with the truck brand Jac will bring to our customers the most prestigious and highest quality products.

Vtruck, although not a long-time brand, has just been established and put into operation for more than 2 years but has got a certain number of customers, always receives extremely positive reviews and feedback on the quality of its products. products that we provide.

Vtruck works with a team of dedicated employees, always ready to advise and serve customers in the best way. The concrete mixing cars that we offer on the market are guaranteed to be sold at extremely reasonable prices. Vtruck is proud to specialize in importing and distributing various types of concrete mixer trucks of different sizes, bringing the best benefits to your project.

Vtruck Jac concrete mixer truck provided includes: Mixing system: engine, mixing tank, gear structure, reducer. Operation and operation process takes place quickly with the highest efficiency. The concrete materials through the engine of the concrete mixer truck are of good quality, best serving your construction work.

Jac concrete mixer truck with high durability, improved mixing ability, which helps to further improve working efficiency, shorten construction time for works, is an ideal choice for construction contractors.

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