Truck Jac - looking back on a journey of development


The Jac truck brand in China was established by Jiang Huai Automobile Co., Ltd. in Anhui Province on September 30, 1999. After 18 years of construction and development, Jac truck has conquered even the most demanding businesses, transport companies and customers. Until this time, truck Jac has covered his name all over the world.

In 2001, Jac truck was honored with the award of ISO 9001 standard of Shanghai business and finance. In 2005, Jac truck once again affirmed its name to the automotive experts when it was honored with the Golden Brand Excellence Award for the development of heavy trucks in the market for the latest samples.

Until 2007, Jac has expanded his market to many areas, at least 16 countries distribute products of Jac trucks. With the boom and development of his name, Jac truck has contributed significantly to the cause of economic development in general and China's automobile industry in particular.

Along with many awards received, a series of certificates of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 environmental certification, 101515 international training certification ... Jac truck also conquers the fastidious market like Japan. Until now, Jac truck has reached out to the big sea, covering names in 30 countries and regions around the world.

In the process of construction, Jac constantly strives to perfect his products to bring the world the top quality trucks, powerful engines and outstanding features and advantages. turned on.

Not only developing outstandingly in operation engine, Jac truck also focused more on interior space and exterior beauty, strong and modern design, extremely masculine and luxurious, suitable. Suitable for every driver. The interior is equipped with seats, fans, air conditioners ... best support for drivers to have a more comfortable sleep when traveling on long distances. After a nap with your back resting, you will focus on driving a lot more. Exterior with beautiful design and trendy, easily conquer all eyes.

Vtruck Vietnam is pleased to be one of the most prestigious addresses and units specializing in the distribution of Jac trucks, pleased to serve customers!

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